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Welcome to Bucketheadopedia.

This online archive contains a subjective description of Buckethead’s music.

Being a poet and a huge Buckethead fan, I was in a funny mood one day and started writing down some of his track titles that triggered something in me. The idea of this online encyclopedia came soon after. I had no clue what an enormous task it would turn out to be, because in order to desribe and catalogue each song individually, I had to listen to all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining…

This site is far from finished at this point (and I guess it never will). The skeleton is standing, meaning that all his solo work has been catalogued. The collaborations are now a work in progress.

 I can only dream of people proposing new stuff to improve this encyclopedia, so I am certainly open for suggestions. And since the launch of this site at the end of January 2017, people have come up with some great ideas. I want to thank all of you for your participation. A special thanks to Sunny De Clute, who is contributing individual song descriptions where there weren’t any yet. Keep it up!

Please keep in mind that musical taste differs a lot. Therefore, discussion about these songs is pointless and shall not be allowed on these pages. However, all comments to improve this encyclopedia will be highly appreciated. If there are any mistakes in timing and/or nomenclature, feel free to contact me. All suggestions, comments and contributions should be sent to:





If the reason for contact isn’t constructive, please save yourself the effort.


Please notice that I have listened to these tracks on a certain moment in my life, in a certain mood. As most of Buckethead’s music is so emotional, it is plausible that I would make (slightly) different notes right now.

The four parameters I used are:

     HEAVINESS (anything above 7 tends to be metal-oriented)

     SPEED (should speak for itself)

     ATMOSPHERE (very subjective – I am an emotional listener, not a technical listener, so you could consider this to be the overall impresssion I got from the song, its depth and how strong it affected me on a personal level)

     HAPPINESS (the feel good vibe of the song, again very subjective)


The red underlined song and album titles are must-hear material for any music fan. This doesn’t mean that there are no other gems hidden in this vast amount of material, but these underlined titles are tracks that really awe me. Please note that his collaboration music may be red, but is never underlined.

When there are no comments, it doesn’t mean that the song isn’t worth listening to, but simply that the parameters say enough for me. Concerning the red underlined must-hear material, when nothing is written it usually means that I was too enchanted and at a loss for words when listening.

Gradually I will also add links to the tabs of the songs. You can go there by clicking the  TAB  button. I will start adding these to the must-hear section. Please report any tabs that are incorrect, for I am not all that gifted as a guitar player.

I have also started the new RANKINGS page, which is aimed at showing the songs which are mostly enjoyed by bucket fans all over the world. Please contribute your top 20 (the order doesn’t matter) and I will add them to the ranking and thank you personally for contributing. Again, send your top 20 to bucketheadopedia@gmail.com …


I have no idea how long it took me to get to the point where I am today, but it does feel like quite an achievement. I enjoyed every minute of it, and Buckethead’s creativity keeps this a continuous work-in-progress.

Let’s hope it may help people find their way through the immense amount of music this artist has given to us already.

His music is a gift – precious enough to try and help share it with the world.


Please notice that I did not describe the seperate tracks of the “… Days Til Halloween” Pikes (yet?), for the simple reason that they are all dark ambient and very hard to describe.



The new MORE section contains pictures, artwork and articles.



Please support this unique artist at www.bucketheadpikes.com or search for other releases through various music companies. There are links on the album pages to the music companies selling Buckethead music.

Most of his older albums are hard to get though.

And if Mister Buckethead himself would ever venture into this archive, I suppose I speak for many if I would like to thank you for your continuous effort to create beauty in such a distressed world. You are the most talented composer of this age.




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